Google Doodle celebrates New Year’s Eve with purple baby elephants partying

New Delhi: Every special occasion is greeted with a Google Doodle, throughout the year with relevant changes made to the existing logo of the search engine giant. As the world celebrates New Year’s Eve 2018 today, Google is marking the occasion with a cute doodle of two purple baby elephants tossing balloons and having popcorn.

For the unawares, Google Doodle is a thematic motif, for which Google gets its designers or even invites designs from people to modify its logo with a reference to the subject. Google uses doodles to celebrate birth anniversaries of prominent people, their achievements and World Days and more.

December 31 is celebrated as New Year’s Eve across the world with fireworks, parties and food and liquor. As billions of people wait for the clock to strike midnight, they count down to the moment of midnight to welcome a new year more than 24 times, as there are multiple time zones spread across the globe.

Last year, Google marked the occasion with a doodle featuring a family of penguins and parrots.