Google celebrates 20th birthday with quirky doodle

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]oogle on Thursday celebrated its 20th birthday with a super amazing Google doodle video, showing popular searches all over the world like “is Pluto still a planet? and Nachu Kaise (how to dance)”.

Google doodle depicts, how Google answering all the questions from “how to make an avocado toast? to the pictures of cute animals.

Doodle video depicts how Google has transformed over the time, in the beginning, video shows Google homepage interface when it was launched.

Usually Google doodle is used to depicts major achievements, people and events such as Google’s own anniversary. First animated doodle was launched in January 2010 in the honor of Sir Isaac Newton.

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin 20 years ago while they were pursuing Ph.D. at Stanford University in California.

Interesting facts about Google:

  • Google was a research project of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both Ph.D. students
  • Initially, Google was named as BackRub
  • Google was started in a garage
  • The name “Google” was derived from the word googol i.e 10 raise to the power 100
  • In the year,2006, the word “Google” was to added Oxford dictionary showing meaning; verb, search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google.
  • Since two decades Google is making information more accessible and useful on the internet
  • Almost all the services offered by Google is free of cost

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