Gearing up for your big fat Indian wedding? Here’s what’s in trend

It is that time of the year when the red carpet rolls out for the Big Fat Indian weddings. With two celebrity weddings in a row recently, Indian brides have a lot of inspiration, ideas and goals to look forward to. With the three outstanding brides — Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Isha Ambani — having set some high goals this wedding season, let’s take a look at how would-be brides can incorporate them to make it your dream wedding. Bharti Taneja, Director and Founder Alps Beauty Group shares her opinion.

Blooming beauty

Flower crowns are back in the spotlight. “From roses to exotic orchids, horticulture halos are a must-have accessory for today’s brides. And they are bigger than ever. From oversized crowns to individual blossoms nestled in the curls, birdes are seeing flowers in a new light and counting on them big time,” says Bharti Taneja.

Mystery of tresses

It often comes down to a choice between a braid and a bun. However, there’s a solution if you are torn between the two. “Why choose between a braid and a bun, when you can have both? Yes, hairstylists across the globe are pushing the envelope for opulent bridal hairstyles. Combining curls with a chic chignon or braid with a bun, bridal hairdo comes layered with different styles,” opines Bharti.

Crowning glory

Traditional and royal jewellery have made a huge comeback. People have been embracing the idea of heavy gold or silver jewellery again. “With Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra bringing back the trend, brides now are open to trying out traditional hair accessories like matha-patti, passa and maang-tikka. These chic and traditional accessories immediately bring that classic and timeless look to your bridal appearance,” says the cosmetologist.

Eloquent eyes

While a lot of discussion goes over one’s hairstyle, what often women forget to discuss is eye makeup. Forget not ladies, it is the eyes that do all the talking.

And giving your eyes that perfect makeover to steal the show what could be more enchanting than an easy, overall sweep of colour? Bharti says, “This season, the most in thing is the vibrant and versatile colour ‘Living Coral’ which has been declared as the colour of 2019 by Pantone. The new take on smoky eyes with coral colours is in vogue this season. To highlight your eyes, keep the eyelashes thick and lips muted.

Happy bridal feet

To achieve the perfect bridal feet, start off with a Paraffin wax pedicure to get your feet ready for the glittery heels. “The Paraffin is known to suck out all the impurities, remove tanning and make the skin of your feet really soft,” explains Bharti Taneja.

Post-pedicure, indulge in the glamour of nail art which will give your feet their own distinct identity. Studs, stones and glittery nail paint are quite in, according to the cosmetologist.