Gangster’s henchman raped 18 girls after making their boyfriends slave to drugs

Durg (Chhattisgarh): Several shocking disclosures have come to the fore after the arrest of gangster Tapan Sarkar’s right-hand man Vijay Menon from a village in the district while smuggling ganja. His modus operandi was shocking.

Luring them with drugs

After the arrest, it has come to light that he had sexually exploited a number of girls by making male college students supply their girlfriends to him.

He provided drugs for free to the students and once they became slaves to the addiction, he forced them to supply their girlfriends to him in return for continued supply of the opiates.
Raped and extorted money from girls


Menon raped 18 girls in this manner. He also extorted money from them, after shooting their indecent videos. Menon also sexually exploited the boys. About a year back, he was caught in an objectionable state with a boy at a college hostel. Menon used to target the girls and women staying alone.

A few days back, two separate cases were registered against him: One at Jewra police outpost for threatening a family at gunpoint and the other at Smriti Nagar police outpost for blackmailing and trying to extort money from a divorced woman using a video .

Had met gangster in court

Menon told police that he met Tapan at Durg jail in 2005 and committed several crimes at his behest. He also took ‘supari’ (contract) to commit crimes. On 26 January 2016, a murderous assault was made on the husband of assistant jailer Renu Dhruv by three persons. Vijay Menon was among the attackers. He had attacked Renu’s husband P Balkrishnan with a knife.