‘Gaming is NOT WRONG, addiction is’: PUBG hysteria drives man to leave pregnant wife

Battle royale biggie PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG, has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, and it seems there might be an addition to that list. Apparently a man has left his pregnant wife because he could not make things work after excessively playing PUBG Mobile.

PUBG is a widely-played online video game, popular amongst every age bracket. In a Facebook post which has recently gone viral stated that a man was introduced to the online battle game PUBG by his siblings before he started playing it excessively. His PUBG addiction often led to arguments between the couple. Reportedly, the man used to play PUBG all night neglecting all his responsibilities towards the family.

The Facebook post mentioned, “Still do not believe in the destruction of game. How much is it worth to leave a wife for a game? The game and gaming are NOT WRONG, it is wrong when you are addicted. Why are we so badly affected by games that should bring joy? But the other way around. Is this identity too weak?”

Masih lagi tak percaya kebinasaan akibat KETAGIHAN game? Berbaloi ke tinggalkan anak isteri demi game?Game dan gaming…

Akhtar Syamir 发布于 2019年2月4日周一

The post further added, “Stop to blame your wife when you are addicted. If you say your wife is boring and it is a cause for you to have fun in the game, you are actually mentally ill and need treatment. Not someone else and definitely not a game! Find a way to cheer up the family, not run away from the problem and look for excitement elsewhere.”

However, the man allegedly made a choice and decided to leave his family as he couldn’t stay away from PUBG.