Even if I was not in uniform, I would have saved the Muslim boy: Uttarakhand’s hero cop Gagandeep Singh

New Delhi: “I was just doing my duty. Even if I was not in uniform, I would have done the same thing and every Indian should do the same,” said Uttarakhand sub-inspector Gagandeep Singh, who shot to fame after a video surfaced on May 23 on social media, where he is seen saving a Muslim youth from an irate mob.

In an exclusive chat with DB Post, Sikh police officer Gagandeep Singh said, “If the issue is saving the life of a person, religion should not come in the way. I would have failed in doing my duty if I would not have saved him.”
Talking about the incident, the Uttarakhand sub-inspector said, “A Muslim boy was sitting with an adult girl near the temple at Girija village. Some locals raised an objection and soon a crowd gathered and started assaulting him. Luckily, I was present at the spot and I immediately intervened. I grabbed him with both my hands and ensured that no one could touch him.”

Witnesses reported that the boy was sitting on the floor after being thrashed and the girl was arguing with the assaulters. When the girl asked a man why he had beaten up the boy, he allegedly responded: “We will chop him to pieces. You are a Hindu and you are roaming around with a Muslim. I will chop you to pieces too.”

To this, the Sikh police officer said, “I don’t think they were doing anything wrong. The mob had no right to assault him. It is everyone’s right – Hindu, Muslim or Sikh – to be free and to love.”

Blaming social media for fanning communal hatred, The Uttarakhand sub-inspector said, “Today, everyone knows me due to social media but the same platform should be blamed for inciting communal violence. It is being used for hate mongering.

“I never thought that the video will go viral and I will get so much appreciation and love. I was just doing my job and I will be happy if my action can inspire others,” the Sikh police officer added.

Singh was also appreciated by his seniors. He said recently he visited a bank where officials recognised him and took selfies with him.

The cop’s brother Dr Kiran Randhawa took to Facebook to share the video of the incident.

Along with the videos and photos that were posted on social media, Kiran Randhawa wrote, “My brother Gagandeep Singh, yesterday, saved the life of a guy from a crowd. The crowd wanted him to hand over that guy to them so that they could punish him themselves! He is a real Sardar who follows the words of our tenth guru Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Proud of you brother!! Uttarakhand police!!”

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