From ‘kamal ka phool hamari bhool’ to ‘Vote for Namo’: Gujarat traders shift to pro-BJP slogans

Surat: About a year and half ago, textile traders of Gujarat who were ruing BJP with slogans like ‘kamal ka phool hamari bhool’ (we committed mistake by voting for BJP) have changed their opinion on BJP.

Bleeding economically and apprehensive about the future, Gujarat textile traders were angry with BJP post the implementation of GST in July 2017. They came out on the streets of Ahmadabad and Surat to protest against the Goods and Services Tax or GST on textile products.

Catchy slogans in Modi’s support printed on receipt books

However, things changed drastically as the Lok Sabha elections are approaching. The same traders are returning to the party they had deserted. With Lok Sabha elections drawing close, many of them are running campaigns in Modi’s support with catchy slogans like ‘Modi again’ and ‘Vote for Namo’ printed on their cash receipts.

Whereas, in September 2017, a textile trader Shyamji printed the words ‘Kamal ka phool hamari bhool‘ at the bottom of his cash receipt. But now, a cloth merchant Rakesh Singhvi has sought vote for Modi. He got his bill book printed with the words ‘Vote for Namo’. In the last two months he has printed 4,000 such books.

Similarly, another trader Bharat Rangolia — a partner of an embroidery factory of Pari Impex firm in Kapodra area — is canvassing for PM Modi. He has printed Modi’s photo and the words ‘Modi again’ on his bill book. The bill book also contains a logo of Swachch Bharat.    

Rakesh Singhvi runs a shop by the name of Vivaa Impex at Surat’s Radhe Krishna Textile Market.

‘Nation needs a PM like Modi’

Bharat Rangolia said the nation needs a Prime Minister like Narendra  Modi. He said, “We want to re-elect Modi. Therefore I’m running the campaign in his support. I’ll continue to print bill books with Modi’s photo till he again becomes the country’s prime minister.”

Rakesh Singhvi of Vivaa Ipex said he is happy with all that Modi has done for the nation. He said some people taunt him by calling him ‘Modi Bhakt’ but he is not affected by such remarks.