From Hina Khan to Dipika Kakar: TV actors share their Eid memories

Kiran Jain

Mumbai: Owing to hectic work schedules, TV actors hardly get time to celebrate festivals with their family and friends. But that doesn’t stop them from looking forward to spending time with their loved ones on Eid this year.

Here are some TV stars sharing their memories of Eid and revealing their plans for this year:

Anas Rashid

This Eid will be very special for me as I had been waiting for this moment for a very long time. This year, I am going to celebrate it with my lovely wife, Heena along with my ammi and abbu. I am really looking forward to this festival as this will be our first Eid together. The preparations have already begun where all my family members have started shopping for gifts and other household items. Also, this Eid will be more special if it falls on June 15, as Heena will be celebrating birthday the same day.

However, I couldn’t keep roza for the whole Ramadan month because I was continuously working on a project which required lot of physical activities. But yes, whenever it was possible, I made sure to fast that day.

Hina Khan

During my childhood days, I used to make lot of excuses for not fasting in Ramadan (laughs). Obviously, as the years passed by, I have understood the importance of this holy month. Though due to hectic schedules I don’t fast for the entire month, but I make sure to fast every Friday. It’s difficult to fast for 15-16 hours a day; but again this is the process of cleansing our body and mind. Restraining from food is the obvious, but one should also restrain from negative thoughts, bad deeds and uncharitable acts are also very important.

I am looking forward to getting eidi and eating my favorite sweets as well!

Dipika Kakar: 

Preparations for Eid have been going on well. I have ordered tailor-made clothes for all my family members. As I was busy shooting, only my clothes have to be taken care of. All of my friends are going to come to my place for a great feast. I have already informed the show makers about my unavailability for the shoot, a day prior to and after Eid. I have to prepare a lot of dishes!

Mohsin Khan

Eid is a special day for every Muslim because after the month of Ramazan, we are blessed with this holy day. Usually, my day starts with offering namaaz to the Almighty, followed by visiting people and relishing some delicious food.

Like every year, this year too I will be celebrating the festival with my family members. I am looking forward to feasting on biryani and reshmi kebabs that my mother cooks. And yes, the best part of this festival is the ‘eidi’. I remember, when I was a kid, I used to get ₹10 as eidi from my father. We also used to get ice-cream treats.

Sana Amin Sheikh

Like every year, this year too I am going to spend the day with my family members and close friends. On this occasion, I make sure to call everyone whom I have worked with at my place. We have sheer khurma with other delicious food and chit-chat till late night. I have been really busy with lot of things and so did not get much chance to prepare for the festival. I have shopped online and I’m planning to just chill with my family members and close friends.

And yes, when it comes to eidi; there are so many memories to share. I remember, once dad gave me some money and I did not spend them at all. I just wanted to save that money to buy a gift for my father (laughs). But now, it’s our turn to give eidis to the younger generation.

Aamir Ali

Eid is the most celebratory, happy and cherished festival of Muslims in general and it holds a special place for him too. This year too, I am going to start my day with offering namaz to the Almighty, followed by eating sheer kurma and lots of biryani. And yes, of course will be giving eidis to the children.

During my childhood days, we used to celebrate this festival with our families because that is the time when the whole family comes together and exchanges wishes. It’s going to be a super fun day this year too.