Caught ticketless on train, Indian tribal youth languishing in Pak Jail for years

Jugraj Bhil, 20 missing for five years, traced to Karachi Jail

Jaipur: Jugraj Bhil, a resident of Bundi, who has been missing for five years, has been traced to Pakistan’s Karachi Jail. Nobody on this side of the border knows how Jugraj reached Pakistan. Documents sent from Pakistan say that Jugraj crossed the Atari border riding a tractor. According to documents, related to the verification of Jugraj’s Indian citizenship, he was arrested in Pakistan when he was travelling to Jhelum from Lahore on a train without ticket. When it was found that he is an Indian national and is in Pakistan without any valid documents, he was arrested.

Hitched a ride on passing vehicles

Jugraj is originally a resident of Rampuria village on the Kota-Bundi border. He is the fourth among his seven siblings. When his mother was told about him being found, she said, “My Jugraj has no brains. I don’t know how he got there. He had the habit of hanging on to the passing vehicles.” She added, “When Jugraj was 16, he lost his mind. He’d follow anyone, hanging on to vehicles.”

According to documents from Pakistan, Jugraj entered Pakistan from Atari Border. Atari is 900 km away from Bundi. After entering Pakistan, Jugraj went to Sialkot. From there, he went to Lahore, then to Begumkot and after that to Gujranwala. In Lahore, he stayed at the Daata Darbar, a Sufi dargah.

Consular access

Jugraj’s sentence ended in May 2014. In January 2015, he was allowed consular access. After the arrest of any person abroad, the verification of his citizenship is done through the consular office of that country. When a person caught abroad has to be sent back to his country, the consular verifies the address of the detainee.

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