Watch: Forced to go to police station at 3am, model strips in Mumbai

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] model and content writer stripped to prevent being forcibly taken to the Oshiwara police station, in Mumbai, last week.

According to the police, Megha Sharma, who is a paying guest at one of the buildings at the tony Lokhandwala Complex, called up the security guard on the intercom on the night of October 25 and asked him to buy her a pack of cigarettes, reported Mumbai Mirror.

When the guard, Alok, refused, Sharma allegedly stormed downstairs. CCTV footage also shows her pick up a fight and slap the guard.

Then she called up the police and when the policemen arrived, they allegedly asked her to accompany them to the police station to file a complaint. Sharma refused, as it was past midnight and the police team did not have any women personnel.

In videos of the incident shared on social media, Sharma is seen asking the policemen to return in the morning and take her to the police station to file a complaint. The policemen, however, refused insisting that she accompany them right away.

In a video, the guard can be seen holding the elevator door to prevent her from going upstairs to her flat. Her requests which went futile, gradually developes into shouting, and as it appears out of frustration, the woman starts to strip in front of the policemen, hoping that they would let her be.

She tweeted her ordeal to the Mumbai police on Saturday, “So this is our Mumbai police where they can take a lady to the police station at 3 am and without my fault and also without any lady constable. Though the law is after 7 pm nobody can take a female to the police station.”

She justified stripping her clothes in frustration in a tweet, “My fight is not only with the watchman but also with those cops who were there watching everything and who didn’t allow me to go back when I already said them I’ll come tomorrow…no law is thr taking a girl with them in a police station.(sic)”

Mumbai Police, on Saturday tweeted, “No one was taken to police station. Policemen visited the housing society after receiving a call on Dial 100 about a commotion in the lobby of the concerned housing society.”

Sharma claimed that when she approached the police station, they took her complaint but refused to register an FIR.

Shailesh Pasalwar, senior inspector of Oshiwara police station, confirmed that no FIR had been registered. “She called the police herself. Women constables are sent only when needed,” he said but refused to comment further, as per Mumbai Mirror.