For their timely support in clearing Rcom dues, Anil Ambani thanks Mukesh, Nita

Billionaire Anil Ambani on Monday thanked his brother Mukesh and his wife Nita for extending “timely support” after his debt-laden firm Reliance Communication cleared payments due to a service provider just a day before expiry of deadline set by the Supreme Court.

“My sincere and heartfelt thanks to my respected elder brother Mukesh, and Nita, for standing by me during these trying times, and demonstrating the importance of staying true to our strong family values by extending this timely support. I and my family are grateful we have moved beyond the past, and are deeply touched with this gesture,” he said in a brief statement issued through the company spokesperson.

The statement said RCom has made requisite payment of ₹550 crore and interest thereon to Ericsson.