Five fabrics to avoid this summer

New Delhi: To survive throughout the scorching summer you need to own the 3Cs: cool, comfort and calm. And to get them all, one must know which material of clothing to endorse and which to avoid. Synthetic fabrics are to be avoided at any cost to stay away from skin rashes and chaffing.

Here’s a list of five fabrics that are not summer friendly, and why:

Nylon: It will only double up the heat generated in your body and make you feel like a burning furnace!

Leather: A big no-no for summer, as the fabric does not let your skin breath and makes you feel stuffy. They can also cause skin chaffing due to the friction caused by the thick fabric.

Rayon: It might not be as bad as leather and nylon, but rayon does not absorb sweat and can cause skin rashes and irritation.

Satin: No matter how elegant it looks, it is better to avoid satin in the summer. Satin too is non-breathable and traps the body heat making you feel highly unfomfortable in the day.

Polyester: Another fabric that does not absorb sweat. Even though it is ideal for cool evenings, one should avoid wearing them during summers.

The best fabrics to wear during summer are undoubtedly cotton, linen and Khadi.