First Prez’s village becomes employment hub

Patna: Bihar is known nationwide for forced migration by youth to different parts of the country in search of employment. Till 10 years back, Narendrapur, a village in the Siwan district of the state also witnessed a similar scene. The village youth had no option but to travel to distant parts of the country to make the ends meet.

Narendrapur is the village where India’s first President Dr Rajendra Prasad was born. But that did not change anything for the residents.

LSE graduate works wonders

Setika Singh

Enter Setika Singh, a graduate of the London School of Economic (LSE). She launched a project titled ‘Parivartan’ (Change). And change it did bring about.

The idea was simple: Equip the local residents with skills that would enable them to earn their livelihood right in their village. The ‘Parivartan Campus’ in the village is today a beehive of activities. There are women sewing and embroidering clothes, there is a school where the village children are taught free of charge and there is a library that stocks over 3,000 books. There is also a ‘Parivartan Kisan Club’, which helps the farmers learn new and better ways of growing crops.

5,000 get jobs

‘Parivartan’ has helped over 5,000 residents of 36 villages in the vicinity get work sitting at their homes. More than 3,000 women work on the Parivartan Campus alone. In the past one year, they have produced 1.30 lakh metres length of cloth.

Narendrapur is a changed place.

(Story: Mukesh)