Final draft of NRC released: All you need to know about Assam’s National Register of Citizens

The applicants can check their names by visiting the NRC website, as well as through SMS.

On Monday, Assam released the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), seven months after it released the first draft on 1 January 2018. As per the exercise, which was directly monitored by the Supreme Court, those who have entered Assam after March 24, 1971, will be viewed as illegal immigrants. 2,89, 83,677 persons were found eligible out of 3,29,91,384 applicants in the second draft of the NRC while names of 4,007,707 people were not included in the final Draft NRC.

The NRC was published online and available in all the NRC Sewa Kendras (NSK) across the state. Here’s all you need to know about it:

What is the NRC?

The National Register of Citizens of 1951 is being updated in Assam to check illegal immigration. The NRC features the names, addresses and photographs of all indian citizens, who have been residing in the northeastern state before march 25, 1971.

The process of filing the applications ended on May, 2018. A total of 6.5 crore documents were received from 68.27 lakh families across the state of Assam.

The centre had earlier asked for a seven-month extension from the apex court but the plea was rejected.

Why is there a need for the NRC?

This has been a volatile political issue and an intensely emotional subject of public debate since decades. A 2005 government resolution had decided to update the first list of state’s citizens prepared in 1951.
The exercise finally took off ten years later in 2015.

The collation of information is being conducted under orders of the Supreme Court of India and the final draft list was released on Monday.

As per reports, the authorities have ensured that only Indian citizens are enrolled in the NRC. However, many are facing a hard time proving their citizenship, fueling fears of deportation. The government has assured those who didn’t make it to the list won’t face detention.

Who is a citizen in Assam?

Post the Assam agitation against ‘foreigners’, and the subsequent Assam Accord signed in 1985 between the government of India and the All Assam Students Union, the Citizenship Act, 1955, was amended. All Indian-origin people, including from Bangladesh who entered Assam before January 1, 1966, were deemed as citizens; those who came between January 1, 1966 and March 25 1971 could get citizenship after registering themselves and living for 10 years; and those who entered after March 25, 1971 were to be deported.

How to check your name in Assam NRC?

The applicants can check their names by visiting the NRC website, as well as through SMS.

The applicants can also call their 24×7 toll free numbers — 15107 from Assam and 18003453762 from outside Assam — by referring to their 21-digit Application Receipt Number (ARN).

(ARN number is issued against Online Application Form.)

What if ARN is lost?

In case a person has lost his ARN, he/she can call the toll-free helpline, 15107, to get help.

He/she will have to produce the Name of the head of the family — or — Registered phone number during the time of submission of Online Application Form.

What if your name doesn’t appear in the second and final draft of NRC?

  1. They have to apply in prescribed forms in their respective NSKs. These forms will be available from August 7 to September 28. The applicants have to refer to their 21-digit Application Receipt Number (ARN).
  2. The NRC authorities will examine their claim and then inform the applicants about the reason for their names being left out.
  3. If the applicant is still not satisfied, the next step is to file fresh claim in another prescribed form. This form will be available from August 30 to September 28.
  4. The fresh claim will be disposed off only after proper hearing and examination of documents afresh.

The NRC list can be accessed at

Which categories of people face exclusion from the updated list of the NRC?

Those who have been declared foreigners and their descendants will be out of the NRC, those who have been marked as Doubtful voters or suspected illegal immigrants and their descendants, and those whose cases are pending in the foreigner’s tribunals and their descendants will be kept on hold till their cases are cleared by the foreigners tribunals.

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