Father carries out a sting operation to get justice for troubled son

Indore: A shocking case of people being trapped by moneylenders and how the police harass them has come to light in Indore. The son of a retired account officer from the district panchayat consumed poison after being pestered by local moneylenders.

However, the police closed the case without taking a statement from him. On seeing the police’s lax attitude, the father of the youth went to the police station with a secret camera hidden in his shirt to carry out a sting operation.

In the video recording, the Assistant sub-inspector confessed to threatening the youth and closing the case. The ASI also said that if the case is opened again, there could be action taken against them. The matter reached the police’s public hearing, but instead of taking action, the police was seen trying to suppress the case.

Accused moneylenders demanding double the amount

The case is from the Silver Ox Colony of Annapurna station area. Subhash Chandra Dubey is a retired Account Officer of the District Panchayat. On January 3, his son Sachin took poison at home and was immediately taken to a hospital. When Dubey reached the MLC police station, he spoke to ASI Rajendra Kumar. Dubey had no knowledge of why his son had taken poison at that time.

Later, Dubey found a letter written by his son, in which he wrote about a loan of ₹4 lakh he had taken from Ananda Agarwal, Kishore Sharma, KC Jain and Rajendra Dalal. In it, he wrote that despite paying back all the money, including the interest, he is being constantly pestered by the moneylenders.

ASI closed case without taking statement from Dubey’s son

After Dubey gave information about the suicide note to Assistant sub-inspector Rajendra Kumar, he said that they should get treatment first and he will send an officer to take his son’s statement later. Neither did the ASI come to Dubey’s home nor was Sachin’s statement taken.

Sensing something fishy Dubey reached Annapurna police station along with his son and installed a secret camera and recorder under his clothes. The ASI confessed on record that they had closed the case on the basis of the statement received from Dubey the first time. In the recording, the ASI can be heard speaking abusively to Sachin and threatening to lock him up.

Dubey said that on January 23, he reached the Deputy Inspector General’s office for a public hearing and filed a petition. He was not able to meet the DIG but the SP (Superintendent of Police) assured him that an investigation will be carried out.

When no action was taken, Dubey went to the public hearing again in March. However, the staff didn’t allow him to go inside claiming that one complainant cannot file a complaint twice. They told Dubey that he will have to get the case file from the police station if he wants to meet the TI (Thana incharge).

Annapurna Police made a case for preventive action under section 107 and 116. Even after a month, the file was not sent to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s office. Dubey applied for an RTI following which the file was sent to the SDM. However, no notice was sent to the accused moneylenders.

DIG: ASI’s behaviour not professional, will take action against him

In the context of the case, ASI Rajendra Kumar said that action was taken on the basis of the statement given by Dubey. He said that he has the document with Dubey’s signature.

On the other hand, DIG Harinarayanchari Mishra said that the case is serious, and he was not aware of the matter. Police officers have been instructed to take immediate action against the moneylenders. The DIG said that he will look into the case on Monday. He also added that the behaviour of the ASI at the police station was not professional and action will be taken against him.

Key sections from the 24-minute recording

Dubey: Sir, you said you will take a statement but you never came to our house. Only later did I get to know that my son was being troubled by moneylenders.

ASI: I closed the case based on what you said. Now, should I involve myself in it by opening the case again?

Dubey: No. We do not want you to be involved, but my son should get justice.

ASI: Nothing will happen based on the statement. Write a full description of the events on a new page and we will start a new inquiry.

Sachin: I have paid the entire money along with the interest. But they are not giving me the cheques.

ASI: If you open your mouth, I will file a case against you instead. Why would you involve yourself with such people?

Dubey: Sir. take his statement, at least.

ASI: Do as I’m saying and write a new application. We will threaten the moneylenders so that they do not call you again.