Families sold property, valuables: Little girls winning cancer battle in Balod

Balod: With Cancer Day on February 4, Bhaskar has got access to the story of two little girls of Gurur in Balod, who are bravely fighting the deadly disease. It is hoped the story of these girls will inspire people to come forward to help their families and also to face difficult situations with fortitude.

Rs 4 lakh needed for child’s treatment in Tamil Nadu hospital

The first story is of Chahak, daughter of Dameshwar Sahu, a farmer of Gurur. Chahak was diagnosed with cancer of food pipe about four months back. A student of Class-2, she is not even able to eat properly. About Rs 4 lakh is needed for her treatment.

Till now, about Rs 3 lakh have already been spent on the treatment. Dr. Banerjee of Nagpur, who is treating Chahak, said that it is possible to treat her at a hospital in Tamil Nadu. But treatment will cost Rs 4 lakh.

Father Dameshwar said, “About four months back we noticed a lump on Chahak’s throat while she was brushing. We first took her to a hospital in Dhmatri.”

Dameshwar further said, “Doctors referred her to AIIMS. The treatment there continued for a month. The doctors at AIIMS advised us to go to Delhi. As we did not have money, we took her to a hospital in Sector 9. The doctors told us that her treatment was possible at a hospital in Tamil Nadu. But it is not possible for us to arrange Rs 4 lakh.”

Chhattisgarh: Doctors said she would live as long as you have money

Another girl 14-year-old Honey, a student of ninth standard in Gurur, is battling with blood cancer. Her father Sushant and mother Mamta have sold their land and jewellery to save her. Members of Dondilohara Donate Blood Group, an NGO based in Dalli-Rajhara (Durg), are also cooperating.

Honey has to be taken to Sanjeevani Cancer Hospital in Raipur once in every 15 days where Rs 10 to 15,000 are spent. Father works in a rice mill in Bortara and his monthly salary is only Rs 6000.

Rajput Society gave assistance of Rs 80,000

State Rajput Samaj had given financial assistance of Rs 80,000 to Honey’s family last month. If blood donors are not found, the family has to buy blood from the blood bank of Raipur for Rs 2300. Honey needs blood of A+ group.

Honey’s mother Mamta said that she has been undergoing treatment for last two years. “We took her to Sanjeevani Hospital in Raipur. Doctors have said that she will be alive as long as you have money.”

Could not eat properly and complained of pain in stomach

Honey’s father, Sushant, said, “About two years back we found out that Honey had blood cancer. We used to send her to school. She could not eat properly and complained of pain in stomach and headache.”

Cancer: Fact and figures

  • Consumption of tobacco and paan masala causes about 40% of cancer cases
  • 2% of cancer cases are caused by the ultraviolet rays of Sun
  • Celebration of World Cancer Day began in 2005. It is an international day marked on February 4 to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.
  • In 10% of cases, lack of cleanliness is also responsible for cancer transmission
  • 5% of cancer cases related to obesity, breast and kidney
  • By 2030, there will be 25 million new cases of cancer worldwide