Faithful to the end: Dog tries to save master as fire breaks out, both die

Man dies in fire accident in Jaipur, wife, son and domestic helper rescued

Dogs are known for their loyalty and love towards their master. In a tragic incident in Jaipur, a dog tried to save his master when fire broke out in a house, but he could not save him and both died. The incident is a tragic example of the loyalty and unconditional love of man’s best friend.

A major fire broke out in a luxurious house In Vidyadhar Nagar area early on Sunday morning. As soon as the fire started, the family’s pet dog entered his master’s room instead of running away and tried to drag his master, who had become unconscious after inhaling smoke. However, the canine did not succeed and both died of suffocation.

Neighbours informed police, fire brigade

When the fire started, the neighbours woke up and informed the police, the fire brigade and the civil defense. The fire mishap took place in the house of Sanjeev Kumar Ohlan at Ambabadi in front of Durga Park. Sanjeev ran an event company with his wife Suman Raina.

On Saturday night, Sanjeev was sleeping in a room on the first floor of the house with his pet dog. His domestic helper Jai Singh was sleeping in a room on the second floor and wife Suman and son Pakshit were sleeping on the ground floor.

Heavy smoke filled the room when Sanjeev opened the door

The fire broke out in the house at around five o’clock in a room on the first floor of the house. Sanjeev woke up as the smoke spread rapidly and filled the room as soon as Sanjeev opened the door and he fell unconscious, In the meantime, Jai Singh, who was sleeping on the second floor, also woke up and he raised an alarm.

Cops, fire department personnel rush to spot

Cops from Vidyadhar Nagar police station and four fire brigades reached the spot and rescued Sanjeev’s wife Suman and son with the help of locals. The fire brigade personnel rescued Jai Singh and Sanjeev and rushed them to hospital. But Sanjeev had become unconscious and had turned black.

Doctors declared Sanjeev dead during treatment. Chief fire officer Jagdish Phulwari said the fire probably broke out due to short circuit and the blazes soon engulfed the furniture and air-conditioner.

Pet dog did not leave his master

The family’s pet dog Brono did not run out of the house when the fire broke out and stayed with his master although he had become unconscious. He tried to drag his master to safety but did not succeed and both of them died due to asphyxiation. Vidyadhar police station sub-inspector said an FSL team has reached the spot to investigate the cause of fire.