Facing sexual harassment allegations, comedian Utsav Chakraborty removed from AIB

New Delhi: Comedian Utsav Chakraborty – who frequently appears in videos produced by comedy group AIB – has been accused of sending explicit message to women, including minors on social media.

In a series of tweets, a woman on twitter accused Utsav of sending offensive messages asking for nudes to the minors on the social media.

The accusations started pouring in after the comedian condemned an incident – where a group of Indian men displayed obscene behaviour on-board a cruise – on a twitter thread.

Replying on his tweet, the woman revealed how Utsav himself is a predator and by no means, he is the right person to be commenting on the incident.

Additionally, she shared similar stories from many girls, who spoke to her through Direct messaging about the instances when they had to face abuse in the hands of the famous AIB comedian.

She wrote, “Saw this on my tl. Interesting for you to comment on how Indian men harass women. Irony is still alive and thriving. Did they send unsolicited dick picks or that’s safely only your territory? Or like cry after saying you’ll ruin their career if you tell others? Or will they also blame that on the girls? The harassment they got that is.”

Comedian Aditti Mittal lashed out at Utsav Chakraborty for his behaviour after going through the through number of cases that tell a similar story.

She tweeted, “What’s up with this Utsav? Your behaviour has been consistently misogynist for a while and you keep pretending to be woke like your boyfriends at AIB who keep you employed as well. Women don’t feel safe around you. What are you doing about this?”

Following the outrage social media, AIB issued an official statement announcing Utsav’s termination from the comedy group. They also assured that all the videos which feature Utsav would be removed.

Responding to the accusations, Utsav Chakraborty on Thursday released an official statement asking people to be patient.