‘Entered Pakistan to find a target’: IAF pilot Abhinandan made to record video before his release

The handing over of IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman to India at Wagah was delayed on Friday as he was asked to record a statement on camera by Pakistani authorities before he was allowed to cross the border, according to sources.

The heavily edited video had several jump cuts apparently to fit Pakistani propaganda.

At 8.30 pm (local) time, the Pakistan government released the pilot’s video message to the local media in which he said as to how he was captured. “Recording of his video message caused delay in his handing over,” a source said.

In the video message, Wing Commander Varthaman said he entered Pakistan’s space to “find a target” but his aircraft was shot down. “I was in search of the target when your (Pakistan) Air Force shot me down. I had to eject the plane which had sustained damage… two Pakistani Army officials came and saved me. The army personnel saved me from the mob. The Pakistani army is very professional and I am impressed by it,” he said.

In the video, which has nearly 19 cuts, the IAF pilot is seen criticising the Indian media.

Wing Commander Varthaman’s plane was downed when IAF planes foiled an attempt by Pakistan Air Force to target Indian military installations in Jammu and Kashmir on February 27, a day after New Delhi had conducted counter-terror operations in Pakistan’s Balakot. He bailed out of the aircraft but drifted to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir where he was detained by the Pakistan Army.

Although there has been no official word as to what time he was brought to the Wagah border on Friday, but the sources say he reached Lahore after 4 pm. The Pakistani media reported that “his papers were being checked at the Wagah immigration” that was why he was not being “immediately” handed over to the Indian authorities. Varthaman was handed over at around 9.20 pm (IST).

(With inputs from PTI)