Election Ke Side Effects: VIP wards in Jaipur hospital thrown open for common man

Jaipur: Believe it or not, but two wards at the Government Sawai Man Singh Hospital here were reserved for patients from Malviya Nagar, the Assembly constituency of Rajasthan Health minister Kalicharan Saraf.

Sawai Man Singh Hospital is the biggest health facility in the state. It is staffed with 255 doctors and 660 nurses with 6,000 beds in 43 wards.

Patients were admitted to the two wards – number 23 and 15 – only on the recommendation from the minister. The practice was in vogue for the past four years.

MCC ends VIP status

However, after the Election Model Code of Conduct came into force, following the announcement of Assembly elections in the state, the two wards were stripped of their VIP status and were merged with the general pool. They are now available for everyone.

The two wards were staffed by 15 employees and a party worker from Saraf’s constituency was also deployed there to ensure that the mantriji’s voters do not face any problems.

“We were short on space. Now that the two rooms have been freed, they are being used for the general public – Dr Usha Jaipal, Head, Department of Radio Diagnosis, SMS Hospital, Jaipur