Election Commission to use new, ‘tamper-proof’ EVMs in 2019 polls

Jalandhar: The Election Commission of India has developed new M3 series EVMs for the next year’s Lok Sabha polls. It is said that these EVMs are tamper-proof and have tampering detection features. The EVM would stop working if any attempt is made to tamper with it and it would display message of ‘tamper detect’ even after it starts working again.

Testing underway

About 2,400 EVMs of the M3 category have been sent to Jalandhar for testing. The first level testing of these EVMs is in progress at State Patwari School. This work is being monitored by the district
administration. Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Election Officer Varinder Kumar Sharma has deployed administrative officials for testing the EVMs. The administration has urged political parties to participate in the process.

Self-diagnostic features

The EVMs have self-diagnostic features. If any button is out of order or in case of any other problem, the message would be displayed on the screen. The EVM has a real time clock. This means the machine’s timer will not be set manually. The correct time of voting will be known. If the polling has been closed in EVM then it would not be possible to cast vote again.

Power saving mode

It has power saving mode to save battery. If the EVM is not used for a fixed time it would move into power saving mode. The message of battery percentage and when it needs to be changed would also be
displayed. It would be possible to obtain a print of the data related to voting.

A total of 24 ballot units would be attached to the new EVM. That is one control unit would be sufficient for 384 candidates.