Editor Hanuman! Chhattisgarh journalism varsity to hold two-day global meet on Hindu god

Bhopal: After Narada, it is now Hanuman’s turn to enter the portals of the journalism universities in BJP-ruled states.

‘Hanuman and Spiritual Communication in the Global Culture: History, Tradition and Differences’ – this is the topic of a two-day international research seminar organised by state-run Kushabhau Thakre Journalism and Mass Communication University, Raipur. The meet is scheduled for September 7-8.

The University has invited papers from scholars all over the world on 19 themes, including ‘Hanuman’s Life Management’, ‘Modern and ancient forms of Hanuman’, ‘Ram and Hanuman in various Ramayanas’, ‘Hanuman in folk literature and stories’ and ‘Hanuman in Sabar Mantras.’

Narada features in Bhopal-based Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism University’s syllabus, in which he is described as the first journalist, who mastered the art of news gathering.

Management guru

Dr Ashutosh Mandavi, an assistant professor in Kushabhau University, who is in-charge of the seminar, said they have already received 50-60 papers from all over the country.

“For India, Hanuman’s character is important. He was a management guru and a spiritual communicator par excellence,” Mandavi said, while explaining the logic behind holding the meet. “His qualities are worth emulating,” he told DB Post.

Shahid Ali, head of the journalism department in the university said, “We can learn a lot from Hanuman’s habits and his values. His time management was excellent.”

‘Hanuman did not ask questions’

Madhya Pradesh CPM secretary Badal Saroj described the seminar as ‘height of cynicism’.

Saroj said that Hanuman was bound to be an ideal for the saffronised academics. “Narendra Modi had once remarked that we all should learn from Hanuman, as he never asked questions. He only did what he was asked to do,” he said.

“And this what they want the academia to become – a body of people who never doubt, who never question,” he said.

Narada- the ‘adi patrakar’

An image of Narada on the premises of the Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism University, Bhopal

In this respect, the Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism University based in Bhopal is not far behind its Raipur counterpart. The University teaches its students that Narada was the first journalist, who mastered the art of news gathering. Students are expected to learn investigative journalism from him. Students are also taught that Narada was the ‘adi patrakar’ (first journalist). Similarly, the university also believes that Sanjaya was the first TV reporter and an embedded war correspondent, if you will, who covered the ‘Mahabharata’ and gave a live report of the epic battle.