Eco-friendly ‘urinals’ in Paris spark outrage

Paris: In the heart of Paris, a radical experiment in urine management is taking place: New eco-friendly urinals which are prompting titters from some and furious complaints from others.

In a city where men are seen urinating on the street with wanton abandon, some have welcomed the arrival of the ‘uritrottoirs’ (pavement urinals) as an innovation that might help rid Paris of unpleasant sights and smells.

But some residents have complained that the bright red boxes are a blight on the picturesque streets of the city. Others say there is something more than a little distasteful about encouraging men to urinate right on the street, even if it is into a box.

Topped with plants, these dry, organic urinals do not use water but are filled with straw which can be easily composted, officials said.

‘Installed at request of residents’

Paris City Hall said it had installed the urinals ‘at the request of residents’. ‘We are totally ready to discuss the location,’ Evelyne Zarka, a senior official at the town hall, said.

(With inputs from agencies)