E-wastebins not installed for fear that people would dump garbage in them

Raipur: People throw discarded or used electronic devices like old mobiles, radios, LED lights, electronic toys, batteries, TV and computer parts etc into the trash which is very harmful for the environment. There has been a rapid escalation in the generation of electronic waste or e-waste in the city. Old electronic devices contain toxic substances which are released into the environment as e-waste is not properly disposed.

e-waste bins

A plan was prepared to install e-waste bins in the city but no such waste bins have been installed in the last six months as authorities feared people would start throwing garbage into them.

However, Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC) officials have claimed the e-waste bins would be installed shortly although the name of the agency for their monitoring and recycling of e-waste has not yet been decided.

Harendra Sahu, nodal officer of the RMC’s cleanliness drive, said e-waste bins are expected to be installed at some market places in the next 15 days. Initially they would be installed in electronic market areas where more e-waste is generated.

People will be made aware

The e-waste bins would be black and yellow in colour. Authorities said people would be made aware so that they do not throw garbage into the e-waste bins.


The RMC has not yet decided how the e-waste would be disposed of and recycled. Harendra Sahu said initially RMC would do this work. But later this responsibility would be given to an agency. It is also not yet decided where the e-waste would be dumped. State Environment Board’s permission is required for setting up e-waste recycling plant. It is believed e-waste would be sent outside Raipur for recycling.