Dubai flight lands at New York airport with 100 unwell passengers

Dubai: Emirates flight 203 from Dubai landed at John F Kennedy airport on Wednesday and was quarantined on the runway after at least 100 of the 500 passengers reported feeling sick on board the flight, airport sources said.

The flight landed at JFK where Port Authority Police and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention were waiting in a staging area to check passengers. The mayor’s office confirmed on Twitter that the plane had landed at JFK with sickened passengers, saying the aircraft had been quarantined. However, Emirates released a statement about only 10 passengers on flight EK203 from Dubai were taken ill. It said those passengers were being treated by New York health authorities and the other passengers would be able to disembark shortly after.

Police, dozens of emergency response units in action

Chopper 4 was over the scene where about seven ambulances were lined up, as well as at dozens of other emergency response units including police and Homeland Security. A handful of crew members were seen being escorted from the plane.

A passenger on board the flight also posted an image of more than a dozen emergency response vehicles waiting outside the plane on the runway. Earlier this year a flight from New York to Florida had to be diverted after passengers reported burning throats from an unknown substance that smelled like “dirty socks”.