Donate your books to juniors, get bonus marks

Raipur: A government school at Mana Basti in Chhattisgarh’s capital Raipur has taken a unique initiative to encourage students to donate their old text books to the children of lower classes. The juniors don’t have to spend money to buy books.

To encourage the seniors to donate the books they are awarded three bonus marks in the exam. More than 50 students have already become associated with this initiative.

Handle books with care

Over 50 Class-9 students of Government Higher Secondary School at Mana Basti have already donated their books to Class-8 students.  To educate the children about the importance of carefully handling the books so that they are not damaged and can be used by others. He said the children were encouraged not to throw their books once they reach the new class.

Bonus marks

Keshrwani said every year free textbooks are provided by the government and lakhs of rupees are spent on this. School teacher Narendra Mishra who launched the initiative said initially only a few students evinced interest in donating their books but slowly more and more children became interested. He said three bonus marks are awarded to the students donating the books to encourage them.

Class 11 and 12 students will also donate books

Principal Kesharwani said Class-11 and 12 students have to buy their course books from the market. Now the senior students would donate their books to the children of these classes as well. Thus old books would be used and the money of the needy children would be saved. This year four Class-12 students have donated their books to Class-11 students.

(Story: Sandeep Rajwade)