Doctor couple gets 7 years in jail for investing ill-gotten wealth in private hospital

Kota (Rajasthan): In a 20-year-old case of setting up a fake company to run a hospital, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Court special judge Ashwini Vij imposed a fine of Rs 1.25 crore on seven accused, including the Dr Rajendra Prasad Sharma, the director of TT Hospital, his wife Mohini Sharma, along with Dr Rajendra Sharma’s father- and mother-in-law. The doctor couple was sentenced to seven years imprisonment, three other accused to five years and two, to three years. There were a total of eight accused in the case, but one of them, Gopilal, died during the trial.

Hospital to go to government

The court has also ordered that TT hospital be handed over to the state government on the ground that ill-gotten wealth, earned by Dr Sharma as a public servant, was invested in it. A resident of Gumanpura and Dr. Sharma’s father-in-law, Tejakaran Sharma and his mother-in-law Chandrakant Sharma have been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment while another relative, Gitanjali Sharma, has been sentenced to 5 years. Two other accused, Kishan Gopal and Aslam Pathan, were sentenced to 5 years each of rigorous imprisonment.

A Rs 50 lakh penalty each has been imposed on the doctor couple and Rs 5 lakh each on the rest of the accused. The bail of Dr. Sharma’s father- and mother-in-law was accepted, while the other five accused were sent to jail. In fact, all these accused were inveigled in the case because they helped Dr Sharma set up the fake company and held various positions on its board.

The company was running the TT Hospital, one of the oldest private hospitals in Kota.