‘Do not use social media platforms to spread dirt, fake news’

Varanasi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday requested people not to spread dirt on social media saying it does not behove a decent society. In a video interaction with Bharatiya Janata Party workers and volunteers from Varanasi, his Lok Sabha constituency, the prime minister said everybody should train themselves to never use social media platforms to “spread dirt” but the many good things that are around them.

He added that spreading of false messages on social media is dangerous for society. “People at times overstep the bounds of decorum. They hear or see something false and forward it. They don’t notice that how much damage they are doing to society. Some people use such words that do not behove any decent society. They say or write anything about women,” said Modi in response to a question.

He asserted that the issue is not about any political party or ideology. It is about 125 crore Indians and everybody should train themselves for never spreading dirt through the social media but share good things around them, the PM said.

Modi also stressed on the need to create an atmosphere of positive news about the country and share information that strengthens the society as he lamented that a quarrel between two families in a ‘mohalla’ becomes a national news nowadays. He called for sharing videos highlighting the “changing face of India”, saying the country is now witnessing “historic and unprecedented” progress.

Was Aadhaar must for girls to tie rakhi to PM? Fake news goes viral

  • Was Aadhaar card mandatory for girls tying rakhi to PM Modi? A post is going viral on social media, claiming that authorities allowed only girls and women who had their Aadhaar card to tie rakhi on PM Modi’s wrist.
  • On Raksha Bandhan, women and children on Sunday across various walks of life tied rakhis to the wrist of Narendra Modi.
  • As part of security protocol, girls and women present at the PMO were asked to show some ID. However, furnishing Aadhaar card was not mandatory for girls and women.
  • The fake claim was based on pictures shared by official website of PMO India and the Press Information Bureau (PIB).