Did last-minute flight booking burn a hole in your pocket? This website won’t let that happen again

New Delhi: Ever thought of booking travel tickets during mid-day work hours? Well, you are not alone if your answer is in affirmative. Majority of Indian travellers, as per a survey by KAYAK.co.in have been certified to be bitten by the bug, that is infamously known as mid-week blues.

If we put a number on its downsides, these travellers end up 29% extra on these last-minute flight searches. This observation might suggest that most Indians are still thinking of travel during the hours when they are slogging their life away one moment at a time.

The poll data also reveals that most of these searches are made through website and more than half of these searches are made by solo travellers that is 56% followed by group travellers (more than or equal to three) 25% and 19% by people travelling in pairs.

This doesn’t come up as a surprise as the so-called “professional life” feeds on you by devouring upon your social life, isolating you in most of the cases.

Talking about this phenomenon, KAYAK Director of India and Middle East Abhijit Mishra, said, “From our data, we see that even Bangkok has the highest last-minute booking price difference of 25% among the international destinations, it is still the top searched destination of 2018. This trend may be due to waiver of visa fee for Thailand, and the rise of interest in travelling to Bangkok.”

Further reveal

Travellers booking last minute (bookings made within less than a week before travelling) can pay up to the highest of 42% more for travelling to Chennai, 41% more to Mumbai and 40% more Delhi. Apart from this, the all-time favourite city – Bangkok, where Indian travellers will be expecting to pay an extra 25% for last minute travel. Other top international destinations including Dubai and Singapore where travellers need to pay extra 22% and 19% respectively.

From the result, it is interesting to see that last minute domestic fares has a higher percentage difference compared to some international destinations.

Ranking Top Last minute destinations Price difference to non-last-minute booking

(i.e. booking last minute is X% more expensive than 2018 average flight cost)

Avg trip duration (days)
1 New Delhi +40% 4 days
2 Dubai +22% 6 days
3 Mumbai +41% 4 days
4 Bangkok 25.00% 6 days
5 Bengaluru +38% 4 days
6 Goa +32% 3 days
7 Singapore +19% 6 days
8 New York +16% 25 days
9 London +16% 15 days
10 Chennai +42% 15 days

Top Searched Destinations in 2018

Ranking Domestic destinations International destinations
1 Goa Bangkok
2 New Delhi Dubai
3 Mumbai Singapore
4 Bengaluru New York
5 Chennai London
6 Hyderabad Bali
7 Kolkata San Francisco
8 Kochi Toronto
9 Pune Chicago
10 Port Blair Hong Kong

The data and analysis are based on searches done by Indian travellers on return flights on KAYAK.co.in during the search period 2018/01/01 – 2018/11/28 for any travel dates between 2018/1/1 – 2018/12/31.

The helping hand

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