Did Hrithik and Tiger’s film script change 10 times?

Mumbai: Yash Raj Films is gearing up for their next big project starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. The movie which is being helmed by Siddharth Anand has apparently undergone multiple script changes in an effort to make it better. 

“The film was announced in September 2017 by YRF. The original release date was January 25, 2019. However, YRF boss Aditya Chopra was not quite happy after going through the initial draft of the film and told director Siddharth Anand that the project would take off only after a good and interesting script has been put in place,” says a source.

“The writers of the film along with Siddharth then brain stormed before finally coming up with a rewritten script. But the same was again rejected by Aditya. The creative team again went back to the drawing board to rewrite the script. The back and forth routine went on for about 10 times after which Aditya finally approved the script,” added the source.

Sources say that Aditya has the final word on every script and until he is convinced no film takes off under his production.