Did Ajay Devgn share Kajol’s number publicly on purpose?

With the help of social media, fans remain more updated about their favourite celebrities. And celebs often share  nuggets of important information about themselves with their fans.

The Drishyam star on Monday unleashed a storm when he seemingly revealed his actress-wife Kajol’s mobile number on Twitter. He wrote, “Kajol not in country.. co-ordinate with her on WhatsApp 98201 *****.” The tweet was made from his verified account.

Incidentally, Kajol is travelling abroad for the promotions of her upcoming film, Helicopter Eela, directed by Pradip Sarkar.

Within a short time, the post was flooded with comments from fans and trolls, asking the actor to take off the number.

Whether the number was shared by accident or if it is a publicity stunt, or if the actor’s Twitter account has been hacked can only be determined when he responds publicly.