DIAL proposes for flyers to be allowed to leave airport during flight delays

Now, passengers will be allowed to leave the airport in case their departures have been delayed, the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has proposed, and suggested changes to protocol that would speed up the number of checks a flyer has to go through while re-entering the airport.

However, the proposal is under consideration with the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security of India (BCAS), which sets rules for security arrangements in airports across the country.

Presently, no passengers can exit the departure terminal unless they inform the concerned airline and then they drop the passenger’s name from the flight manifest, according to an airport official, reports HT.

Rules, as of now, allow a passenger to leave the airport and re-enter, but the long process also needs the passenger to be escorted by airline officials till they are handed over to security. The replacement process will allow passengers to head out into the city or even home in cases of long flight delays.

“In cases where a flight has been indefinitely delayed or cancelled, we allow passengers to exit the terminal on directions of the airline. In such cases the passenger leaves the airport with his luggage. If the passenger has completed security check-in and needs to exit and then return, a new boarding pass is issued and airline decides on the luggage,” Hemendra Singh, an assistant inspector general of the Central Industrial Security Force, which oversees security arrangements at the airport told the national daily.

The proposal includes doing away with the need for a new boarding pass for passengers who want to leave. This could be done without compromising security by having an option for separate entry that would consume less time since their luggage would already be with the airlines.

As per an airport official, it might take a couple of months before the facility comes into effect since the BCAS is studying the proposal.

If cleared, the facility will be available for both domestic and international flyers. But, a foreign passenger whose visa is expiring the same day or passengers with single-entry visas will not be able to avail the facility.