Devendra Fadnavis resigns as Maharashtra CM, says Shiv Sena’s demands after results came as a shock

Mumbai: Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis has finally resigned and met Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari to submit his resignation papers. This comes just hours before the deadline for government formation in Maharashtra ends with the current assembly session coming to an end on November 9.

Devendra Fadnavis reached the Raj Bhawan this afternoon and met Governor Koshyari to resign as the chief minister of Maharashtra to facilitate the formation of the next government.

Fadnavis addressed a press conference after submitting his resignation. He started off by saying, “I am giving a piece of good news,” as the audience broke into laughter.

Fadnavis announced that he has submitted his resignation to the Governor and he has accepted it.

Soon he launched into a direct attack on ally Shiv Sena and its chief Uddhav Thackeray and said while the elections were fought by the two parties as allies, Sena’s sudden change of stand after the results “came as a shock”.

“Maharashtra gave us a great mandate during Lok Sabha elections and even in assembly, we faced the elections as allies. Mahayuti (grand alliance) got a clear mandate. We won more than 160 eats and BJP emerged as the single largest party with 105 seats,” said Fadnavis.

“Uddhav Thackeray on the day of results made it clear that they have their options open and this was a shock for us,” said Fadnavis.

He added, “People gave mandate for the Mahayuti. In such a situation, why would he say that options are open is a big question for us.”

“I got an opportunity to serve Maharashtra and I’m thankful to the people of Maharashtra. I am thankful to PM Modi, Amit Shah, JP Nadda and all our leaders,” said Fadnavis.

“I am also thankful to our allies and their leaders,” he added.

Fadnavis went on to speak about the drought situation in Maharashtra and said, “Four out five years were that of drought and this year was of excessive rainfall. We stood behind farmers.”