“Demonising PM Modi was wrong”, says Singhvi after Jairam Ramesh

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi on Friday came out in support of party colleague Jairam Ramesh over the latter’s remarks that demonising Prime Minister Narendra Modi was “wrong” all the time. and acts must be judged issue-wise, not person-wise.

Taking to Twitter, the Congress leader said, “Always said demonising Modi was wrong. Not only is he PM of nation, a one-way opposition actually helps him.”

“Acts are always good, bad and indifferent—they must be judged issue wise and not person wise. Certainly, the ujjawala scheme is only one amongst other good deeds. #Jairamramesh,” he added.

Singhvi’s remarks came a day after Ramesh said the Prime Minister’s governance model was not a “complete negative story”.

Addressing a gathering while launching a book, “Malevolent Republic: A Short History of the New India”, written by Kapil Satish Komireddi, Ramesh said the political class should acknowledge the work done by the Modi government in the past five years due to which he was voted back to power by over “30 per cent of the electorate”.