DeMon? What is that? BJP develops amnesia about its ‘boldest move’

Modi didn't mention note ban in his 37 public speeches in last three months, Shah also avoided the issue

New Delhi: The Modi Government’s ‘boldest decision’ is unlikely to figure in its poll campaign. According to BJP sources, the demonetisation move has failed to click with the people and the party does not expect to gain by reminding them of it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party president Amit Shah made no mention of note ban in their recent speeches. While replying to the debqate on the no-trust motion in Lok Sabha, Modi recounted his government’s achievements but note ban did not figure in them.

Modi has addressed 37 government programmes in last three months but did not mention note ban even once. Interestingly, both Modi and Shah spoke about note ban repeatedly in their speeches soon after demonetisation.
BJP sources said party leaders have been avoiding talking about note ban as there has been a general feeling among the masses that it did not lead to any reduction in black money but instead increased common people’s woes.

Foolish step

Congress Rajya Sabha member Vivek Tankha said note ban was a foolish step. NCP MP Vandana Chauhan said it was a strange decision. Veerappa Moily, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Financial Affairs, said cash transactions had grown after note ban as black money was converted into white.

No mention in speeches

February 2018: No mention of note ban in budget speech.

May 2018: Modi addressed a public meeting in Cuttack, Odisha on completion of four years of his government but didn’t talk about note ban.

May 2018: Amit Shah in his speeches and addresses spoke at length about government’s achievements in last four years but there was only a fleeting reference to note ban.

May 2018: Amit Shah made no mention of note ban while addressing election rallies in Karnataka.

July 2018: Modi spoke about a number of government schemes at the New India Conclave but avoided speaking about demonetisation.

Issues BJP will focus on

  • Rural electrification
  • Jan-Dhan Yojana
  • Ujjawala Scheme
  • Ayushman Bharat
  • Irrigation projects benefiting farmers.
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