Debt-ridden jeweller scales mobile tower in Jaipur

Jaipur: A jeweller climbed atop a 4G mobile tower in font of Hawamahal Bazar in Jaipur at 6 am on Thursday. To draw people’s attention he threatened to jump and die. People were alarmed and police arrived on the spot.

SRDF, civil defence teams arrive

Police called SRDF and civil defence teams. Fearing the jeweller Pradip Goel, 52, could jump, a net was spread around the tower. Meanwhile large number of people gathered on the spot and many of them started making video of the incident. Officials kept persuading Pradip to get down.

Rescued after nearly 3 hours

Police and rescue team safely got him down at about 8.40 am with the help of ropes. He was arrested. Later it came to light that several cases for buying stolen jewellery were registered against him. He had been arrested and sent to jail in the past. He was first booked in 1984.

Second wife had left him

Pradip Goel is resident of Ganesh Nagar at Murlipura. He had sold both his shops due to loss in jewellery business and online trading business.

His first wife had died under suspicious circumstances in 2017. But only two months after her death he married again.

However the relations between the two soured and the second wife has sought divorce from him. Hearing in the case was scheduled for Friday and Pradip Goel was upset on this account as well.