DB Post impact: MP woman finally gets her ration card

Bhopal: Bitti Kol from Gahira village of Satna district of Madhya Pradesh who had lost her child due to malnutrition three months ago, finally got her ration card. A team of district administration formed by the district collector approached the family and completed the procedure of her ration card.

Following the death of the newborn baby, a four-member team was formed by the district collector Mukesh Shukla. The team, included Women and Child Development department, block medical officer of Majhgawan, CEO Janpad panchayat. The team was led by SDM of Majhgawan Om Narayan Singh.

DB Post in its November 24, 2018, edition had published a story about the pathetic situation of Bitti Kol and her family and her struggle to get a ration card after her child died of malnutrition. Her husband Lal Kol a TB patient is on death bed.

Was told it would cost Rs 500

After the loss of her child, she was struggling to get a ration card for BPL category. She had approached the panchayat secretary to get a ration card and save her husband and two other kids from starvation, but she was told that the ration card would cost her Rs500.

They do not even own a house and when the DB Post team visited the village, Bitti was thatching their small hut close to one of the entrances of the village, where one of the villagers had allowed them to build with the support of the wall of his house on one side.

The long struggle

“It has been more than a year that my husband is not going to work. He was so ill that he couldn’t walk by himself. Moreover, I had three small kids and one was newly born. It was impossible for me to go out in search of work. We had nothing to eat. After the death of one of my children, I was told a ration card could help me get food for my family. I moved from pillar to post to get one, but couldn’t after three months of my child’s death. Now, finally I have got one”, said Bitti.

Her newborn child was malnourished, but till the child could get any kind of medical intervention, it was too late. The child died in October, 2018.