DB Original/ Madhya Pradesh’s fearless sand mafia: Illegal sand market held in broad daylight in Morena, sand sold in front of forest officer’s bungalow

  • The government is helpless in front of the sand mafia, the SP said that we will take action
  • Sand trolleys pass from in front of the DFO bungalow from 4 am
  • Police vehicles stand 100 meters away, but the cops look the other way out of fear
  • More than 1000 trolley-dumpers of illegal sand are sold daily in Morena

Pramod Trivedi after returning from Morena: The illegal sand market is open in Morena, that too in broad daylight. On the streets of the city, tractor-trolleys filled with sand can be seen. This is sand mafias’ open challenge to the police-administration and the forest department, but whenever government representatives take action, they are defeated. 

So fearless are the mafia that on 20 September, on the intervening night of Thursday-Friday, the forest department team was attacked and the sand market was also set up in the morning. Hundreds of tractor-trolleys and dumpers were seen running fearlessly on the roads. When we talked with the IG, DFO, and SP in this matter, everyone looked helpless. On the matter of action, they gave the oft-repeated statement – ‘We are trying.’

In the Chambal river, which is home to the crocodile sanctuary, Bhaskar investigated the existence of the illegal sand market. Not only the locals but also the police-administration are worried about the unabated sand mining. When an officer tried to stop it, he was either transferred or attacked. The result – whichever officer goes to Morena, has no choice but to take only symbolic action.

1000 trolley-dumpers queue daily in Morena

Excavation takes place in Chambal river in Morena district. The Forest Department has the first responsibility to curb illegal mining due to Gharial Sanctuary, but fearless mafia dumps illegal sand behind DFO bungalow. We noticed that illegal sand trolleys and dumpers started coming into the city from 4 am. The illegal sand market started on National Highway 3 in the heart of Morena city. 

When we reached the railway gate of village Shikarpur in the Civil Line Police Station area, there was a queue of sand trolleys. It is common for locals. Nobody talks about sand. A strange fear can be seen on people’s faces. People say that what can we do when these people can kill the collector, shoot at the police. By 7 am, these vehicles started going towards the cities of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Sand vehicles move from the front of Saraichola police station towards Agra in Uttar Pradesh.

DFO admitted – it is difficult to stop mafia

Morena’s DFO PD Gabriel says that our entire force is on the Dewari Chowk. We have to go in groups of 40-50 people. Our team was attacked at night on Dhaulpur Road. Our cars were broken. They have more influence on Rajpur Road. As the day passes, they are difficult to stop, because they harm people. It is very difficult to take action when schoolchildren are also on the road.

SP claims – we take action

SP of Morena, Asit Yadav says that action is taken from time to time. The forest department has also got the company to stop mining. When the forest department asks for force from us, we provide force.

Local people said – complained many times, but all are afraid

  • Pradeep Dandotia, a resident of Morena, says that even the police is scared of the sand mafia. We have also called the SP-Collector several times, but no one comes. About 500 tractor-trolleys run from 6 am to noon. Children are not able to get out on the road, school buses are stuck in their jam. Even when the police come, these people attack and force cops to flee.
  • PK Singoria, a resident of Marokhar in Morena, says the sand mafia openly organises mandi. It is also difficult to leave our house. When we ask them to remove the trolleys, they are ready to pick up a fight. No one listens if we complain. They have killed many people by crushing them.