DB Original/ Jewelry worth Rs 20 lakh, garments worth 3 lakh for Kanha on Krishna Janmashtami at ISKCON Bengaluru

  • The Janmashtami festival in ISKCON Bengaluru starts from 23 August and will continue till the night of 24
  • Prasad of 108 types, one lakh laddoos and one lakh plates of khichdi will be distributed
  • Maha Abhishek will be performed with the water of 108 rivers, 108 kinds of medicines, 15 kinds of fruit juices and 35 kinds of flowers.
  • 12 differently designed Deepmalas will be used in 12 Aartis, including Garuda, Hanuman, Nag etc.

Bengaluru: Preparations for Krishna Janmashtami are being done on a grand scale in ISKCON Bengaluru. Jewelry worth Rs 20 lakh has been designed for the Krishna Janmashtami festival, in which gold and silver jewelry has been made using American Diamond. These include Karnafool ​​of Matsya Design, Large Necklace of Butterfly Design. All the jewelry is sourced from Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, which is famous for metal workmanship.

Muslim artisan makes clothes for Krishna

Dresses worn during the entire festival have been prepared for the Lord at a cost of about 3 lakh rupees. They are made in Kanchipuram silk. For Radha-Krishna, a Muslim artisan from Bangalore has been making clothes for the last 20 years. The main job of this artisan named Riyaz Pasha is to make different types of embroidered dresses for Krishna. God’s dress and jewelry are designed by ISKCON Bengaluru’s Bhaktilata Devi Dasi and Chameri Devi Dasi.

Rituals and celebrations

  • Abhishek will start around 10 pm on August 24 night which will end at midnight. The birthday celebration will continue till 1 am.
  • God will be offered 108 types of dishes, which will be prepared in 4 different kitchens of the temple .
  • The prasad of 1 lakh laddoos and 1 lakh khichda will be distributed to the devotees visiting the temple.
  • The entire temple will be decorated with different types of flowers.
  • Around one lakh devotees are expected to visit the temple during the Janmashtami celebrations.

(Story by Nitin R Upadhyaya)