DB Original/ Haryana: Karnal youth Nitin Lalit left lucrative job in Canada, now his startup making water-saving designer pots from waste material in India

  • In the new type of pot, the roots of the plant are immersed in a water container
  • No need to water the plant for about a month if the container is full

Panipat: Despite having a four lakh rupee month job, own house and permanent citizenship in Canada, Nitin Lalit of Karnal left it all for his startup. He took this decision because he wanted to make water-saving pots from the waste material in his country and supply them to households. After returning to India in 2016, it took him 3 years to fulfill this dream. Nitin says that almost all of the savings done in Canada was invested in this project. After design, technique, science and hard work, Nitin has now managed to make 40% water saving pots from waste material.

New design of flowerpots

The pots designed by Nitin are such that everyone stops once to see them. Pots are made of waste plastic sheets. Plastic screws have been installed inside them. They can be opened completely. The sharp rise of the plastic sheet makes the flower pot attractive. The spiked bulge is given so that air and water particles remain inside the pot and the plant can retain moisture for a long time.

Roots remain under the water container to save water

These pots have a water container at the bottom. The excess water given to the plant goes into the water container which is stored in it. As the roots of the plant remain submerged in the water container, they keep taking water from there. If the water container is full, there is no need to give water for about a month. Nitin says that he has tested it. This saves water. He has also made big flower pots that can be used to grow vegetables.

People in Canada love gardening, got ideas from there

Nitin moved to Canada in 2007 after a diploma in engineering. He completed his degree there and started working. When he left the job in 2016, he joined General Motors as a technician. He said that some months in Canada are less cold and there is no snowfall. During these months people fulfill their hobby of gardening. Everyone competes whose garden will look more beautiful. As soon as the snow starts falling, people keep the pots inside the house. Nitin developed an interest in gardening from there. Then he started reading about gardening techniques. The advantage of being a technician was that he started experimenting on pots. While experimenting, he prepared a flowerpot which could be opened and had screws in it.

‘When I came to India, I took a closed factory on rent’

When he came to India, he saw the wastage of water in horticulture. He felt that some work should be done for this too. After coming to Karnal, Nitin’s father retired banker JK Lalit joined this project. They both formed a company called Alpha Planter. They took a closed factory on rent and started work. First, the father-son duo started work, then gradually they appointed staff. After experimenting continuously, he prepared a water-saving pot using waste material. Designs had to be changed several times in three years. It used to cost 2 to 4 lakh rupees once to change the design. So far, he has spent about 50 lakh rupees on this project. Now their final product is ready. However, his research on this is still ongoing.

(Story by Manoj Kaushik)