Data manipulation to show punctuality must stop: Railway Minister to zone heads

New Delhi: After taking cognisance of punctuality figures provided by zonal railways, the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has reprimanded the officials about data manipulation, to show improvement in train timings as the passengers’ feedback for corresponding zones suggest otherwise.

Tweaked figures

  • The national transporter had released figures that showed 76 per cent trains were running on time, as compared to an average 60 per cent all through.
  • In a letter to the zonal heads, the Railway Board last week warned against such “manipulation” of data.
  • “Wrong feeding of arrival/departure of trains at terminals and interchange points continues to be adopted by zonal railways and divisions falsify records to improve punctuality.
  • “Feedback from general public through social media is continuously being received on daily basis. MR (Minister of Railways) has expressed his serious displeasure and directed that the practice must stop forthwith. Please ensure strict compliance to avoid any unpleasant situation,” it said.

100 per cent punctuality

  • Punctuality performance of mail/express trains during the period from September 17 to September 23 showed that the Ranchi division in the South Eastern Railway had achieved 100 per cent punctuality and 21 divisions had recorded punctuality of 90 per cent and above during the period.
  • This is a major improvement from the average 60 per cent punctuality being maintained just two months back.
  • In the new timetable, the railways has set a target of achieving 95 per cent punctuality.