Dashrath Manjhis of this MP village help expectant mothers breathe easy

Satna: Rajkumari Mawasi, 30, from Padho Ghati village of Satna district recently delivered her sixth baby at the Community Health Centre (CHC) of Majhgawan block. Unlike her earlier deliveries, Rajkumari could, this time, manage to reach the health centre on time for the delivery. So, what prevented her on the earlier occasions? A hill.

Hard labour of one year

Expectant mothers of ths village can now breathe easy. After continuous efforts for more than a year, villagers of Padho Ghati finally managed to cut a road through the hill, thereby shortening the distance from the village to the nearest health centre from 16 to 5 km.

It was really tough to reach the health centre in time during emergencies. Thus, pregnant women preferred deliveries at home rather than struggling to reach the health centre.

Another village too benefits

This new route is not only benefitting the residents of Padho Ghati village but also the neighbouring Ramanagar Khokla. Both these villages now use the shorter route. The work began in December 2016 and was completed in December last year.

“It took us almost a year. It was an extremely challenging task, but all we knew it would help save many a life, especially of expectant mothers. Men and women worked shoulder to shoulder for over eight hours everyday to finish the work”, a local resident said.

Tractor to ambulance

As the ambulances cannot reach the village through the hill route, villagers have made an alternative arrangement to solve this problem. Whenever there is an emergency and villagers call 108 ambulance, they ask the driver to wait on the other side of the hill and the patient is ferried across the hill in a tractor.