Crippled by fund crunch, MP govt withholds staff salary

Bhopal: Many government departments in Madhya Pradesh are unable to provide wages to their employees. The situation has come to such a passé that the 25 doctors working in the Gas Relief Hospital here have not got wages for last three months and the salary of about 14000 home guard employees has been stuck for a month. Mahan Bharat Sagar, Director General of MP Home Guard, said that the salary to home guards would be provided by Monday.

There is resentment among the staff due to such a situation towards the end of the financial year. There are 28 contractual doctors in the gas relief hospital. Of them 25 are working and the monthly salary of a doctor is about Rs 50000. They have not got the salary for three months. The pharmacists and the radiographers have also not got the pay.

They have been paid salaries only till November 15. The aggrieved employees have submitted memorandum to the hospital director several times.

Grant to university withheld

The government has withheld the grant to Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University. About five professors, 45 guest scholars and 110 employees are given total salary of around Rs 35 lakh each month.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University has not got two installments of grants from the government. According to the officials of the university, the varsity somehow gave last month’s salary to the staff from its own funds, but now it does not have the money. The faculty and the staff are making rounds of the vice chancellor and the registrar. The university gets an annual grant of Rs. 3.90 crore. Meanwhile officials of the Higher Education Department said that the process is underway and the staff is likely to get salary next week.

Struggling with funds crunch, the state government had recently put a ban on the purchase of new vehicles, air conditioners and a slew of other items by the government departments.

According to a CAG report tabled in the state assembly in March 2018, the state is struggling with a huge debt of nearly Rs 1.83 crore.