Cricket/ On consecutive series, Virat Kohli said- Day is not far when players will land directly in stadium and play

Auckland: Captain Virat Kohli on Thursday expressed concern over Team India playing cricket continuously. Kohli said that the day is not far away when the players will land directly in the stadium and play the match.

India finished the ODI series against Australia 4 days ago on 19 January and now they have to play a T20 match against New Zealand on 24 January itself. Team India will play for the first time against New Zealand after losing in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup.

Kohli was speaking to the media ahead of the first T20 match in Auckland. On coming to the New Zealand tour in a very short time after the Australia series, Kohli said – it shows how the pressure has become in the game. I think such trips and coming to a place which is 7 hours ahead of India in the time zone, it is always difficult to get adjusted immediately under these circumstances.

This is today’s international cricket – Kohli: Kohli said- “I am convinced that all these things will also be taken care of in the future. But, that is… So it is. You have to do whatever you can to better yourself to get on the field again. This is what international cricket is today. It is non-stop.”

“In the last series against Australia, we played one-day matches. So we spent more time on the field. But, we also played some T20s before that.”

The Indian captain said – “New Zealand tour is more comfortable than other countries. Every tour tells us how people view the game. In New Zealand, the game is seen as a job that the players complete.”

Can not think of revenge from New Zealand, they are very good – Kohli: On the semifinal loss to New Zealand in the 2019 World Cup, Kohli said- Even if you want to think of revenge, these guys are so nice you cannot get into that zone.

“We get along really well with these guys and it’s all about being competitive on the field. As I said in England, they are probably one side that has set the example for teams to play international cricket,” he reasoned.

Lauding the affable demeanour of the Kane Williamson-led side, Kohli said they are great ambassadors for the sport.

“…they obviously want to bring out the best they can in every ball and every game, they are intense in their body language, they are not nasty, they are not doing things which are not acceptable on the field,” he pointed out.

‘It is a challenge to beat New Zealand here and we are totally up for it’: Williamson and his men had drawn effusive praise for their grace in the aftermath of a heartbreaking World Cup final loss to England, a game that was decided on boundary count after scores were tied.

“It is not about any kind of revenge – it is two quality sides playing good cricket. It is a challenge to beat New Zealand here and we are totally up for it,” Kohli said.