CR7 ice cream and pizza: Ronaldo mania in full swing

Leonardo La Porta has created only 2 flavours to honour people so far - one for Pope in 2015 and now forRon 

Turin: An ice cream flavour in his honour, a pizza named after him, queues to buy his shirt: For some, Cristiano Ronaldo is as important as the Pope. Juventus made shockwaves over the world on Tuesday when they completed the signing of Ronaldo from Real Madrid for a Serie A record of 112 million euros, with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner signing a four-year deal with the Italian champions. And Ronaldo mania is in full swing in Turin, with enterprising businessmen not missing the opportunity to celebrate the occasion and cash in on the arrival of the Portugal forward.

A union between Portugal and Turin

Leonardo La Porta, who has owned Gelateria Miretti in Turin for 30 years, has created a flavour called CR7. However, he has only created one flavour in honour of a person before – when the Pope came to Turin in 2015. La Porta put a lot of thought into creating it, which he wanted to represent a union between Portugal and Turin. “I put it on sale on the date 7/7 because it was the day it was rumoured Ronaldo would be presented,” La Porta said.

Pizza with olives shaped as 7

Tommy Tegamino, which is owned by two Juventus season-ticket holders, brothers Filippo and Tommaso Crozaso, now boasts the “Pizza CR7.” The deep-dish pizza is topped with stracchino cheese and black olives in the shape of the number “7′” and that also symbolizes the black and white colors of Juventus. It costs an appropriate seven euros ($8.17).


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