Could have taken it easy after 50, but new breed of directors want to work with me: SRK

Mumbai: Age has never been able to slow down Shah Rukh Khan. The superstar is as busy as ever and says he has not slowed down despite crossing 50 because he wants to work with a new set of directors.

When asked if he is living his dream, SRK said, “I am happy doing what I do. I have a lovely set of kids, I love spending time with them. It is a nicer period. I could have eased, thinking that I am 50 and kaafi kar liya; but then there is a new breed of directors who are very excited about working with me, so that excites me even more. Now, I can redo certain things in a different manner as an actor which I have done 25 years ago. You find a new language. I am the medium for directors. If the director has a new thought and I can become a medium for his thought then that makes me very happy.”

For SRK, his real entertainment comes from his children, “For me, there is lovely entertainment with kids back home. I am happy in the space always.”

While speculations were rife that SRK had been approached for Dhoom 4, the superstar denied, “No I haven’t been approached for Dhoom 4.”