Cough up Rs 20 crore, or else: Naxals to Jharkhand temple Pandas

Ramgarh (Jharkhand): Alleged Naxalites have demanded Rs 20 crore from the Pandas of Chhinnamastika Temple at Rajrappa in the Ramgarh district of Jharkhand. The Pandas been threatened with dire consequences in case they do not fulfil the demand.

Dedicated to Goddess Chinnamasta, the Temple attracts devotees from all parts of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam and Nepal.

Police said Aseem, a Panda at the temple, reported that the threat was made on a phone call. According to the Pandas, earlier, they had received a letter to the same effect.

Area commander

The letter carried a mobile number of Odisha and said that six years back, their area commander Haradhan Manjhi was killed near the Temple and all the Pandas are responsible for it. The letter also said that Manjhi had Rs 10 crore on his person at the time of his murder and that the money was kept by the Pandas.

“Now, you all should return the amount along with interest. Pay Rs 20 crore or be ready to face the consequences,” the letter said. It said that where and when the money has to be paid can be known by ringing up the mobile number mentioned in the letter.

We are looking into the matter: Police

After the Pandas made a complaint to the police, the SP Nidhi Dwivedi asked the Rajrappa police station to investigate the complaint. Police said that they are looking into the matter.