Coronavirus /India urges China to allow 250 stranded students in Wuhan to return, 46 dead in this city so far

New Delhi / Beijing / London: India has appealed to the Chinese government to allow 250 students stranded in Wuhan to return to India. So far, 46 people have died in Wuhan, considered the center of the coronavirus.

China has completely locked down Wuhan for the prevention of coronavirus. Apart from this, public transport services have also been closed in 16 other cities. That is, no person can go out from there. However, the Indian government has appealed to the Chinese Foreign Ministry to allow the students to return to their country.

About 700 Indian students study in Wuhan. Most visited India on the New Year holidays. However, 250 students remained stranded in Wuhan. The parents of these children have expressed concern over their condition amid reports of the rapid spread of coronavirus.

According to Kumaran J, father of a medical student at Wuhan University, the food items of the students are running out. There shops are closed with no means of transport. People have been asked not to leave the houses. Transport services were stopped when the students were trying to leave from Wuhan.

We are ready to extend all help to Indians, says Chinese Foreign Ministry: The Indian embassy said Chinese officials have assured all kinds of support to Indians including food and drink. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said during the interaction with the media that we always help our foreign colleagues and officers. We will do whatever we can to cooperate. We will take full responsibility for the care of foreign nationals living here as per the circumstances.

29 people die in two days due to coronavirus in China: Officials are taking all possible measures for coronavirus prevention in China. During the press conference on Sunday, officials said that 56 deaths have been reported across the country so far. Also, 1975 people have been found infected with the coronavirus. On Saturday, 13 people died in Hubei province. Earlier on Friday, 16 died in China.

Jinping said – China is passing through a terrible problem: Chinese President Xi Jinping held a meeting with officials on Saturday on the coronavirus problem. He said that China is facing a grave situation over the rapidly spreading epidemic of the deadly new coronavirus.the country is passing through terrible problems right now. The spread of the virus has intensified. Lunar New Year preparations have been canceled in many cities of China. Given the growing transition, the government has locked 17 cities. According to the Chinese authorities, another emergency hospital will be set up within 15 days. Earlier construction of 1000 bed hospital has also started on Friday. Military health workers are also being brought to Wuhan.

The following places outside mainland China have confirmed cases:

  • Hong Kong: 5 cases
  • Macao: 5 cases
  • Thailand: 5 cases
  • Australia: 4 cases
  • Malaysia: 4 cases
  • Singapore: 4 cases
  • France: 3 cases
  • Japan: 3 cases
  • South Korea: 3 cases
  • Taiwan: 3 cases
  • United States: 2 cases
  • Vietnam: 2 cases
  • Nepal: 1 case