Coronavirus impact/ Arrival of Chinese toys fall in Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal manufacturers benefit as sale of locally made toys rises by 200 percent

  • In the wholesale market, the arrival of Chinese toys fell by 80% in the last 3 months
  • Due to increasing demand for toys made in Bhopal, traders are getting more orders

Bhopal (Gurudutt Tiwari): The arrival of Chinese toys has stopped due to the coronavirus. Local traders are benefiting from this, as the sales of toys made here have increased by 200 percent.

The situation is that the toy manufacturers of the capital are not able to meet the market demand. In the wholesale market of toys located in the capital city Kotwali, the arrival of Chinese toys has decreased by 80% for the last three months.

Toy wholesaler Shiju Muralitharan says his Delhi and Mumbai-based importers also face a shortage of goods. In such a situation, the demand for toys made in Bhopal has increased.

700 people make toys in homes in Bhopal

Around 700 people make toys in their homes in Bhopal. Most of them are women, who go to the shops and take advance payment and then make toys. According to the wholesalers, at this time, local toys of 4 to 5 lakh rupees are being sold daily. The sales on a monthly basis have reached around Rs 1.5 crore.

City Kotwali-based wholesale toy market sells 5 crore toys every month. Accordingly, their share has been around 30%. Bulk businessman Akash Gwalani says that in three to four months this stake can reach 50%.

4 months ago 70% of toys in the market were Made in China

City Kotwali Road Market has more than 50 toy wholesalers. Their dependence was on Chinese toys only. The major importers of Mumbai and Delhi import toys from China. According to toy vendors, around 5 crore toys are sold in the capital every month. Chinese toys accounted for 70% of them.