Cops looking for sensitive polling booths stumble upon ‘Gandhi Grams’ in C’garh

Jashpurnagar (Chhattisgarh): With the election model code of conduct coming into force in Chhattisgarh for the impending assembly elections, the administration of Jashpurnagar district has begun an exercise to identify the sensitive and ultra-sensitive polling booths. Extra security arrangements will be made for such booths.

In the process, the crime record of all villages in the district was screened. And that led to the discovery that there are 24 villages in the district from where no crime was reported since the 2013 elections. No incident of crime was reported from Sarua village in Manora block since 2009. The Muttu village has done even better – no person from the village has reached the police station concerned for registering a complaint since 2009.

The police have given a new name to such villages – ‘Gandhi Grams.’

‘We don’t need police’

Most of the residents of Sarua are educated. The village Sarpanch Vimal Bhagat says, “Our village is like a family. Even if there are any disputes, we resolve them amicably. We don’t need the police.”

Pushma Bhagat, the Sarpanch of Muttu says that no policeman has visited the village for the past ten years. “We have our Panchayat and so we do not approach the police and the courts,” she says.